OCTOPUS is an open access tool to help industry to perform high-level evaluations on the feasibility of post-combustion CO2 capture for their processes. OCTOPUS stands for: Online Calculator To Optimise COcapture Processes for mUltiple Stacks, and was developed for the REALISE-CCUS project by TNO and NTNU. The tool can evaluate cases where a single emission source is present, but can additionally evaluate the possibility to integrate multiple emission sources into a integrated capture system, relevant for instance for refineries or chemical clusters. 

The tool has a user-friendly interface and because it uses its own database, containing around 10,000 simulation results from a standard CO2 capture plant model on CO2SIM, it can provide a set of reliable results quickly, avoiding the need to perform time-consuming simulations.


How to access OCTOPUS

The tool is available at https://octopus.sensorlab.tno.nl/. If you are interested in accessing the tool, please email Jasper Ros (jasper.ros@tno.nl) , who can create an account for you. 

For clarity, any information entered in the tool is not further logged anywhere. There is also a manual available containing more detailed information on how to use the tool including some technical background, which can be accessed here

In the video below, Jasper Ros (Research Scientist at TNO) demonstrates the OCTOPUS tool

(Video duration: 5:04 mins)