Optimisation • Capture • Industrial clusters • Society • Dissemination • Collaboration

Our vision is to support the rapid and large-scale delivery of CCUS technology in the refineries sector – by 2025 – with follow-on projects in place from 2030. We expect to achieve at least a 30% reduction in CO2 capture costs for refineries and a 90% increase in the overall rate of CO2 capture. We aim to do this by solving technical challenges and developing policy and regulatory solutions, which overcome societal, socio-political and socio-economic barriers.

Our objectives:

  •  Assess the potential for full-chain CCUS at refineries located in industry clusters 
  • Deliver a 30% decrease or more in the costs associated with CO2 capture 
  • Develop technology to cut CO2 emissions at defined clusters by 10 Mt per year from 2030 
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of solvent-based CO2 capture technology 
  • Highlight financial, political and regulatory barriers to CCUS delivery 
  • Support knowledge sharing and cooperation between CO2 emitters and providers of technology solutions 
  • Encourage dialogue and build societal awareness of CCUS as part of industry’s net zero transition 
  • Share our results and strengthen collaboration with Mission Innovation countries