E2DT 2023 - 2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment & Digital Transition

22/10/2023 to 25/10/2023
Registration from 17:00 Sun 22 / End with Lunch Wed 25
Palermo, Italy

The conference aims to bringing together researchers, engineers, executives, representatives of the institutions to map the transition towards net zero carbon and fully renewable energy, driven by the recognition that global CO2 emissions must be drastically reduced to keep global warming below the 1.5 °C target.
The objective is to provide up-to-date evidence on positive and negative environmental effects of the energy transition and on new technologies to drive/accelerate it.
The energy and environmental evolution will be enabled by policy frameworks and market instruments, accelerated by digitalization. Digital technologies will in fact make energy systems more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable. Conversely, digitalization is also changing markets, businesses and employment: new models are emerging, and conventional ones are phasing out. 

The REALISE project will present its contribution HS3 solvent aspen plus model validation using tiller pilot plant data - authors: Filippo Bisotti (SINTEF), Matteo Gilardi (SINTEF), Hanna K. Knuutila (NTNU), and Davide Bonalumi (PoliMI).