Webinar 2 - Deep decarbonisation for refineries starts in Ireland: introducing the REALISE pilot campaigns

14:00 - 15:00 CET

This webinar shared  the cutting-edge research on CO2 capture solvent stability and solvent management being carried out in a real-life refinery setting in order to support industry’s decarbonisation ambitions. The event introduced the scientists engaged in solvent testing campaigns at Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery in Ireland and SINTEF’s CO2 laboratories at Tiller in Norway. It included a short film and a panel Q&A. 


  • Welcome, introduction & REALISE CCUS project overview – Peter van Os, TNO
  • Solvent testing in a real-life refinery setting: introduction – Juliana Monteiro, TNO
  • Demonstration at Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery: video premiere and insights – Eirini Skylogianni, TNO
  • Demonstration goals at SINTEF’s Tiller CO2 labs – Thor Mejdell, SINTEF
  • Panel Q&A

Project background
The REALISE CCUS project unites industry experts and scientists from different nations in a concerted drive to support the refinery sector’s decarbonisation ambitions. Our research, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme, focuses on the full CCUS chain – from CO2 capture, transport and geological CO2 storage to CO2 reuse – for specific clusters which include refineries and other industries. Our results will support CCUS delivery by demonstrating the technology, enabling sizeable cost-reductions, undertaking public engagement and assessing financial, political and regulatory barriers.