Sustainable Flight Solutions

We are Airline Pilots, Business managers, Engineers, and Environmentalists, all with a passion for Aviation and our Environment. Our strength is in our people. We have access to a diverse range of experts for all things aviation and sustainability and we hope to use our experience and skills to help airlines/aircraft operators and lessors to navigate the daunting, essential but exciting path to a net-zero aviation industry.  

We want to contribute to the reduction of the sector's CO2 footprint by bringing together the aviation industry, all stakeholders of the Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply chain, and academia to drive the production and implementation of SAF in Ireland and worldwide. Our engineering, aviation, and business background make us uniquely qualified to work towards a full-scale SAF production and implementation project. 

Our company mission statement is centred on the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Markets. We support and promote Sustainable Aviation Fuels & Sustainable Business Model implementations.