University of Edinburgh/SCCS

Work Package(s):

Coordinator for WP5

Type: Academic only
Country: UK

The University of Edinburgh has a strong track record in many aspects of CCS research, particularly geology and engineering but also understanding public and community perceptions and mechanisms for better engagement. Scottish Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS), based at Edinburgh, is the largest CCS research partnership in the UK, with its five partner institutes spearheading innovative CCUS research. The SCCS Team has expertise in project management, business development and commercialisation, knowledge exchange and communications, techno-economic research, policy analysis and public engagement. SCCS is a key partner in several EU projects, including ALIGN-CCUS, LAUNCH, NEWEST-CCUS, SECURe, STRATEGY-CCUS, ECCSELERATE and the CCUS Projects Network.  It has strong links with international projects and is a founder member of the Guangdong CCUS Centre in China.